Tips for New Moms: Survive and Thrive Through Your Partner’s Deployment

By Tania Lynch, MSN, MPH & Jess Logan, LCSW The inevitable has happened, and your partner has been called for deployment. There is no great time for this to happen, and despite it being the “life you signed up for” as your relatives graciously put it, you’re still in a bit of a panic. Sound familiar? Maybe it’s because you’re...[ read more ]

One Simple Way to Ease Your Anxiety

The other day I was feeling pretty good. I was heading up to take a walk in the woods and was looking forward to spending some time in nature. However, as I got closer, my anxiety increased and the “what ifs” started to come into my brain. Should I be doing this? Maybe there are other, more important ways to...[ read more ]

Sleep as a New Mom: 4 Strategies to Restful, Restorative Sleep

Life before the baby came was so different. You were cleaner. You ate out more often. And the hours and hours of sleep you used to take for granted!If you’ve recently had a baby and are having a hard time getting enough rest each night, you’re not alone. According to a study by PLOSone, new parents, particularly new mothers who are...[ read more ]

What Postpartum Depression Can Feel Like

It’s a few days after you’ve given birth, the celebratory phone calls are still coming in all you feel is sadness all the way down to your gut. Although the emotions are unexpected and less than welcome, postpartum depression can be common among new mothers. Up to one in seven women experience PPD after their first child even though it...[ read more ]

5 Things You Should Stop Saying To Someone With Depression

When someone you care about is struggling, you really want to help. Often people don’t know what to say or do, or are afraid of doing the wrong thing, and therefore end up not doing anything at all. When there is a loved one suffering from depression in the family, it can be exhausting for everyone. Depressed people are sometimes...[ read more ]

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