I work from a strength-based perspective. My practice focuses on improving your mental health and offers individual therapy sessions in the office, outdoors or via telemedicine. As a generalist I have training in a wide range of mental health issues.

Therapy Techniques

Therapy techniques used include Interpersonal Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Supportive Psychotherapy and EMDR.

Treatment is tailored to your needs. Learn more about the modalities used here:

Step By Step Counseling also offers “walk and talk” therapy, which is an option to meet at an outdoor location for your session and walk while we talk. Walk and talk sessions can be more relaxing and even meditative. Having your session outside provides an additional element of healing, engaging your senses and often providing a more transformative experience.

Worried about your fitness level? In your sessions, you will set the pace. We can stop to rest at any time. Locations vary. If you feel more comfortable in an office environment, we always have the option of meeting at my office in Honolulu.

Here are some online resources to learn more about walk and talk therapy:


  • Depression, Anxiety, OCD
  • Trauma/PTSD Treatment
  • Stress Reduction
  • Personal Growth and Self Esteem
  • Grief Counseling

In addition to my general mental health training, I have a specialized certification in Perinatal Mental Health (PMH-C), working with women before, during and after pregnancy to address stress reduction, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, OCD, trauma and PTSD. I also offer grief counseling for miscarriage or neonatal loss. There is an expectation for all pregnant women and new mothers to always be happy, and this is often not the reality. Your relationships change, your whole identity shifts, you often sleep less, and sometimes the stress is overwhelming. You might feel guilty that you’re not happy when everything should be great. These issues are common, treatable, and can be helped through therapy!

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